BREAKING: Paid FASTPASS arrives at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World

Disney is announcing the arrival of Lightning Lane service, replacing FASTPASS for its US parks, in the new Disney Genie app to be launched this fall.

Walt Disney World Resort

For $ 15 per day per person, visitors to Walt Disney World will be able to access a selection of attractions equipped with the Lightning Lane system, so they can get to them faster by skipping the traditional queue. The service will also allow you to benefit from several exclusive features such as “audio experiences” and augmented reality lenses for your photos.

On the Disneyland Resort side, the Disney MaxPass service will also be leaving its place at Lightning Lane, but no changes other than the name have been announced. For $ 20 per day per person, visitors to Disneyland Resort will be able to access a selection of attractions via the Fast Queue and enjoy the unlimited Disney PhotoPass for a whole day.


The Lightning Lane service seems to be much more correct and advantageous than the Disney Premier Access, recently launched at Disneyland Paris and which offers quick access to a single attraction for a price between € 8 and € 15 per person.

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